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Student Articles

Maupin Elementary, Cassondra P.

Literacy Night

Fall Festival

STLP Summer Camp

Maupin Elementary, Leah K.



Maupin Literacy Night

Stonestreet Elementary, Emily M.

How We Use Technology

Robotics Day

STLP Showcase

What We Do in STLP

Stonestreet Elementary, Nathan F.

Integrating Technology

Mayor's Cup

Quick Recall

The STLP Showcase

What Is STLP?

Stopher Elementary, Krista M.

Show Me the Spirit

PowerPoint Slideshow Steps

STLP Article

Stopher Elementary Vanessa G.

Homework Help

Speed Art Museum

Template Tips

Time as a Cyber Reporter

Cyber Gazette Home


STLP Cyber and Pod Reporters.


STLP Cyber-Reporters will write stories concerning the school and community throughout the 2007-2008 school year. They will also cover the Statewide STLP Competition in May.

The STLP Cyber-Reporter Cadre for Jefferson County includes students from Maupin Elementary, Stonestreet Elementary, and Stopher Elementary.

The best Cyber-Reporters will be recognized at the annual awards program in Lexington KY.

Ethan H., from Stopher Elementary, submitted Podcasts to be judged. You may view his podcasts at: