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* Conclusion *

I hope you have enjoyed the experience of being a choreographer. It is also takes a lot of time and hard work as you have seen. Hopefully, the reward of seeing your work performed makes all the effort worthwhile. Dance is a wonderful way to express ourselves or ideas. You don't always need words to clarify your expression. With dance, the space, time and force combine to "say" with movement the words your heart or mind may be thinking.

I hope you will continue to try your choreography skills. Maybe next time interpreting a play you have, seen , story you have read, or maybe even just an emotion you have felt.. Dance is a universal language that all can understand. Like art, the interpretation is often left up to the audience to determine.

Enjoy the experience of moving and dancing.

Teacher Resources and Guidelines -

Core Content and More

Essential Questions

How do I use the elements of dance to create and perform? How do I use dance to express my ideas and feelings?

Core Content for Middle School Dance

· AH-M-2.1.11 Create movement ideas that could be used to compose a dance based upon a theme, using dance elements and principles of choreography which include contrast and transition.

· AH-M-2.1.21 Accurately recall and reproduce a dance sequence at least 32 counts in length.

· AH-M-2.1.31 Recognize and discuss, using appropriate dance vocabulary, how the dance elements space (focus, size); time (accent, rhythmic pattern, duration); force (heavy / light, sharp / smooth, tension / relaxation, bound / flowing) are used to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings in dance.

Program of Studies / Achievement Standards:·

· Describe how locomotor and non-locomotor movements are used to create simple dances.

· Describe how dance reflects culture, purpose, style, and time periods.

· Demonstrate basic concepts and perform basic movements in a variety of compositional forms.

· Communicate ideas, emotions, and dance concepts through products or performances which use the contributions of diverse cultures.

Targeted Academic Expectations

2.25In the products they make and the performances they present, students show that they understand how time, place, and society influence the arts and humanities such as languages, literature, and history.


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