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"Poetry in Motion"


Our Class is producing a New Works Dance Concert, based on poems written by middle school students and famous poets. We will present these poems using middle school choreographers and accompanied by a variety of music, sound, or just the spoken word of the poems.

You will be the choreographer. The dancers will come from your classes, and may be experienced or novice in terms of artistic dance skills. You may also choose to be the poet, find a poem written by a famous poet or a middle school student from the internet, use a poem written by a classmate, or a combination of these. This dance concert will focus on poems with themes or ideas that interest middle school students.

As a choreographer, you will want to think about how you will use the three elements of dance (space, time and force) to interpret your poem and make it "come to life."

The Task

Your task will be to select a poem and then act as the choreographer. You will need to create a dance, that clearly uses the three elements of dance (space, time and force). You may choose a group that has from two to four members. Each member will serve as choreographer for their poem as well as decide on the music, sound or spoken accompaniment. Everyone in the group can be the dancers who perform. You will also be keeping a log, recording your work and plans.

The finished dance will be performed for the class and invited guests. There will be a self-evaluation of the "work" as well as time for reflection and evaluation from other students. A check list and details of the task follows on the Process Page

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    November - 2003

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